About Us:

Pure Nirvana was born out of a strong desire to incorporate high-quality ingredients into great-tasting products our customers love. Thanks to our team of prestigious culinary professionals, we’re able to combine the finest CO2 extracted clear oil with exceptional THC levels to develop superior cannabis products for California-based residents. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, depression, anxiety or a terminal illness, our delightful gummy edibles will exceed your expectations. Every day, we look for new ways of helping our customers combat pain and find lasting relief.


Our Mission:

At Pure Nirvana, we believe in creating relaxing relief solutions that exceed expectations. That’s why we’ve developed a high-quality cannabis product line known for its superb taste and clean ingredients. Through our dedication to alleviating your pain, we remain committed to achieving our vision of becoming industry leaders for those seeking unparalleled THC value from a flavorsome edible.


Our Vision:

To be industry leaders for those seeking unparalleled THC value from a flavorsome edible.


Our Values:

  • Safe

As industry experts, we know our reputation is always on the line. From our child-resistant packaging to our pre-dosed products, we make sure you can fully trust our brand.

  • Effective

We place a high value on the effectiveness of our products. At the end of the day, it’s what keeps our customers coming back.

  • Quality

We only use the finest ingredients and extraction methods to ensure our customers receive top-quality products one-hundred percent of the time.

  • Customer-centered

We place our customers’ needs before anything else. Listening to their feedback has led us to develop a winning product.

  • Excellence

We take great pride in the exceptional service we offer. From our team members to our products, there’s a reason we’re known for our excellence.