Indica Medicated Gummy 100mg

With 100mg of pain-relieving THC, this Indica Medicated Gummy acts as a sedative while setting your body right and your mind at ease. The perfect antidote to your busy life. Take a break and relax into a dreamlike state with our all-natural blueberry flavored gummy.







Sativa Medicated Gummy 100mg

Wake up with our Sativa Medicated Gummy and experience new creative energy during your morning routine. For emotional support, this refreshingly citrus-flavored gummy is the perfect sidekick to getting you up and ready to start the day. You’ll enjoy connecting with your inner spirit as well as interacting with  friends. Be the social butterfly you know you are.








Hybrid Medicated Gummy 100mg

Our most balanced cannabis gummy available, the Hybrid Medicated Gummy offers a soothing combination of Indica and Sativa effects, providing users with a calm yet focused feeling. Experience immediate pain relief without sacrificing the attention and composure needed to excel during the day. Enjoy 100mg of THC with an all-natural, hydrating watermelon flavor.






Pure Nirvana 80mg CBD Gummy

Leading the market in natural pain relief, CBD is the safe, gentle, and incredibly therapeutic component of cannabis that everyone is talking about. Studies show this non-toxic remedy is proven to assist in the treatment of mental and physical illness – from anxiety and inflammation to epilepsy and cancer. We’ve combined 80mg of pure CBD with the delicious flavor of passion fruit in an easy-to-digest gummy that delights the senses and heals the body.